Saudi Forum Asks U.N. to Outlaw Extremism Online

By Matthew Harwood

A Saudi forum, organized by the Kingdom's intelligence service and made up of mostly IT experts, has called on the United Nations to outlaw the spread of terrorist ideologies online, reports Agence France Presse.

The forum's final statement asked the UN to press member states for the "introduction of new laws to criminalise the use of communications technology to spread terrorist ideologies which concerns all countries.".... Prince Abdel Aziz bin Bandar bin Abdel Aziz, assistant to the head of Saudi intelligence, said the service had listed nearly 17,000 Internet sites run by Islamist groups which condone the use of violence to achieve their aims, Saudi newspapers reported on Saturday.

The article notes the irony of Saudi Arabia asking the U.N. to criminalize the spread of terrorist ideologies when the Kingdom has been accused of spreading its austere and violent brand of Wahhabi Islam, the same brand of Islam adhered to by Osama Bin Laden and other like-minded jihadists.




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