Security Camera Catches Unusual Thief on Video

By Matthew Harwood

After being robbed again and again, a nursery in Richardson, Texas, put up security cameras to nab the thief. What they witnessed after viewing the surveillance footage blew their mind.

Via the Dallas Morning News Web site:

Their curiosity turned to shock when they saw what appeared to be a small monkey scooping up plants, flowers and accessories and handing them to someone waiting on the other side of a fence.

The owners of Plants & Planters called Richardson police, who agreed it was a monkey in the video.

The monkey, which looked like a lemur, made off with 30 to 40 plants, flowers, and concrete statues, according to Steve Stoller of Dallas-Forth Worth's WFAA-TV.

Owner Shelley Rosenfeld told the police not to investigate the crime because, well, she found it too funny.

♦ Photo of a lemur by doug88888/Flickr


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