Security Guards Canned for Sleeping On-Duty at George Washington Bridge

By Matthew Harwood

Two security guards at New York City's George Washington Bridge have been fired for napping on the job, after photographs of them snoozing surfaced on the Internet, reports The Daily News.

The slumbering guards worked for FJC Security Services. The Manhattan-based company is contracted by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the bridge - considered by law enforcement to be a key terror target.

"The two guards have been fired by the security contractor," the Port Authority said in a statement Monday.

Photographs of the sleeping guards were snapped by a bicycle tour owner who regularly rides over the suspension bridge that connects New Jersey and Manhattan.

The George Washington Bridge has been a terrrorist target before.

In 1999, a federal appeals court upheld the conviction of 10 Islamic radicals, including the "Blind Sheik," Omar Abdel Rahman, for their part in the 1993 conspiracy to blow up multiple New York City landmarks, including the bridge.

One bicycle commuter told the Daily News matter-of-factly that "Normally, [the guards] are not sleeping. But I guess you should be attentive at this job, especially after 9/11."

Words of wisdom.


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