Standards Body Tells Companies to Take Initiative in the Fight Against Global Counterfeiting

By Matthew Harwood


Another effective means of fighting counterfeiting is widespread education. According to the report, there's a widespread public belief that counterfeiting is a victimless crime. ANSI recommends that supply chain stakeholders disabuse consumers on that notion, teaching them that the profits raised from counterfeiting have been used to perpetuate serious crimes, such as terrorism.

To help enforce counterfeiting laws, ANSI recommends that companies within the supply chain refuse to use, pay for, or return counterfeit products that arrive at their facilities. More importantly, companies should report any counterfeit part or product to law enforcement and also rely on certified, trusted suppliers for their parts and products.

While admitting standards can't end counterfeiting, ANSI believes they can help bolster company awareness and increase the adoption of check and balances to root out counterfeit parts and products throughout company supply chains. ANSI notes that SAE International has recently published guidelines to help companies and organizations detect counterfeit electronic parts. The standards, according to ANSI, have already been adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

The report and its recommendations were the product of a workshop and a conference held in 2010, which was attended by affected industry groups and policymakers.

♦ Screen shot of ANSI's "Best Practices in the Fight Against Global Counterfeiting"


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