Stimulus Allocates Nearly $3 Billion to Homeland Security

Sherry Harowitz

The final stimulus package that passed Congress gives $3 billion to homeland security out of the $787 billion total, including $1 billion for airport screening equipment, according to the Washington Post stimulus package article.

The report also says that $420 million is allocated to building border checkpoints and $210 million goes to fire stations. $300 million is divided among ports, rails, and other transit. In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard gets $240 million, and $200 million is provided to the Department of Homeland Security to build new headquarters.

"The stimulus bill Congress approved late Friday provides $10 million for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau to stop guns flowing from the U.S. to Mexico," according to an Associated Press articlle on the Houston Chronicle's Web site, "The money allotted to the ATF is designated for salaries and expenses of Project Gunrunner, which targets gun trafficking networks in the U.S.," the article notes.

Also, the E-Verify hiring mandate was dropped from earlier versions, notes Networkworld. The mandate would have required employers that receive stimulus money to use E-Verify to vet employees to verify that they are legally qualified to work in the United States.

To see the full details for yourself, go to H.R. 1 conference report and go to Title VI. It notes, for example, that with regard to the money going to airport baggage and checkpoint screening, "TSA estimates that this funding will create about 3,537 manufacturing and construction jobs as well as a small number of Federal positions."


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