SuperSize Security

By Michael A. Gips


Special security concerns arise when these armchair quarterbacks cut loose. Problems can include injuries such as sprains or slip-and-falls. (Because the event is family-oriented and not much alcohol is involved, physical confrontations between participants are rarely a worry.) Though the area will be covered by a tent to block direct sun and rain, problems caused by heat must also be incorporated into contingency plans.

Protection of the equipment that will make these events happen is another concern. The show's property started arriving in San Diego right after Christmas, requiring twenty-four hour on-site asset protection and close monitoring of deliveries. Priceless NFL memorabilia such as Super Bowl rings and trophies will be on display at the NFL Experience, requiring constant diligence by officers and high-tech help, such as electronic monitoring.

Super Fest XXXII. While only a select few can get into certain parties and other NFL-sponsored events, the three-day Super Fest "street scene" over Super Bowl weekend is an open, free event not sponsored by the NFL. It is expected to attract some 40,000 to 70,000 visitors.

The event will take place in San Diego's Gaslamp district, an area filled with restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and galleries. Streets will be blocked off to vehicles, allowing pedestrians to roam among the musical stages, athletic exhibitions, beer gardens, food vendors, and other events and activities.

Because of the party atmosphere, the SDPD's main concerns will be rowdiness, crowd control, and safety. While Super Fest was originally envisioned as an event without restrictions, as of press time the security committee was considering fencing and gated entry so that they could perform patdowns of revelers if necessary. To keep things orderly, the committee was also looking at closing the event to minors at night, an action that could prove logistically difficult.


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