Suspected Suicide Bomber Murders Dozens at Moscow Airport

By Matthew Harwood, an online English-language daily, reports the attack has led to security precautions at Moscow's other airports.

At Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, Moscow's two other airports, security has been tightened. Both airports are working to a regime of heightened terrorist threat with detailed baggage checks. St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport has also announced a security alert and President Dmitry Medvedev called for extra security at all of Russia's airports.

Some planes for Domodedovo have been diverted to Sheremetyevo but the airport is still accepting some incoming flights.

According to The Wall Street Journal, it was only a matter of time before terrorists successfully targeted a public area of an airport again.

The explosion outside Moscow brought to reality a dire scenario that aviation officials have long known about but had seen little practical possibility to prevent: an attack on the public area of a major airport. Airport designers try to keep airplanes a safe distance from any attacks outside the facility, but planners know that as long as people are coming and going from planes, crowds will occasionally occur outside the security perimeter.

"Obviously, it's always been a concern, but the public area is no different from a shopping mall or a school," said Art Kosatka, chief executive of TranSecure, a transportation security consulting firm in Leesburg, Va.

In reaction to the attack Monday, Russian authorities ordered 100% security screening of all passengers and visitors entering airports, as well as their baggage, across the country.

So far the terrorist attack has not caused security protocols to change at U.S. airports, according to

(WARNING: The end of the video shows victims strewn across the floor of the airport's arrivals section.)

♦ Photo of exterior of Domodedovo Airport by moedusa/Flickr


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