Taliban Attack on Arms Plant is Their Deadliest Attack Yet in Pakistan

Sherry Harowitz

The New York Times reports that "The inspector general of police in Punjab Province, Shaukat Javed, said around 60 people were estimated to have been killed but the death toll could climb higher."

According to a Reuters report, "A Pakistani Taliban spokesman said the blasts were retaliation for military operations against militants in the northwestern region of Bajaur, on the Afghan border." Attacks will continue, he told Reuters, if the military doesn't stop.

The BBC reports that its correspondent "Syed Shoaib Hasan says it is the second recent direct attack on a Pakistani military installation. Last September, 17 officers and soldiers were killed in a suicide attack on a special forces base in the nearby town of Tarbela-Ghazi."

Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani, who spoke at an event August 19, at The New America Foundation, even before today's (August 21, 2008) attack, said that the Taliban was alienating Pakistanis by killing them. He noted that more Pakistanis have died in terrorist attacks since 9-11 than Americans. He expressed the belief that the new government, therefore, was motivated to work with the United States in fighting extremists in the region, though they would do so on their own terms.



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