Two Security Guards Slain in Brazen Robbery in Philadelphia

By Matthew Harwood

Two security guards were murdered and a third injured during an ambush robbery yesterday in Philadelphia as the guards were attempting to deposit money from an ATM into their armored truck.

The suspect, a black man wearing a yellow cap, apparently was laying in wait for the security guards. While the two guards serviced the ATM at a Wachovia Bank in the northeast section of the city,  the suspect got out of his car and started firing point blank at the security guards. The third guard was also injured, most likely from flying glass, reportsThe New York Times.

 Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson, livid, said:

"We're looking for an armed and dangerous male who had no regard for human life. He never gave them a chance to give up the money. He basically just assassinated them."

The guards, William Widmaier and Joe Alullo, were both friends and retired Philadelphia police officers, reports the Philadelphia Daily News, who became security guards to support their families because of threadbare pensions.

The paper reports: cops retire with medical insurance that only lasts for five years, and their pension is roughly 40 percent of their regular pay.

Widmaier died of a gunshot wound to the chest, while Alullo was shot three times in the chest and once in the abdomen.

Neither was wearing a bullet-proof vest, which protects the chest and abdomen areas. The armored truck company, Loomis, does not require its guards to wear bullet-proof vests.

The killer remains at large.


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