UCLA Students Spot ‘The Terminator’ While Traveling in DRC

By Carlton Purvis

So if Ntaganda is wanted for war crimes and lives openly in Goma, throwing dinner parties and driving on main roads, why hasn’t he been arrested? This shows that Ntaganda lives with impunity while enriching himself through the conflict minerals trade, Steinberg said.

It’s an open secret. “He’s not really hiding. If we can find him then every intelligence service and government knows where he is. So there are probably political reasons to not arrest him,” he said--some government corruption too.

“It’s speculated that powerful politicians in Kinshasa receive a share of his profit from his conflict minerals trade…[and others worry that his arrest] could also create a power vacuum in Eastern Congo that could be followed by even more conflict,” Steinberg said.

“It is our hope,” Steinberg said, “that the United States government will press the Congolese government to arrest Ntaganda and send him to The Hague for trial.”

For more photos from this trip by Jon Tobin, Editor-in-Chief of the UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs, click here



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