UK: Two More Arrested in London and Glasgow Terrorist Plots

Two more suspects have been arrested for the failed attacks on London's nightclub district on Friday night and Saturday's failed attack at Glasgow International Airport in Scotland, reports the BBC and the New York Times. This brings the total arrested to seven.

Authorities believe the attacks are linked and are tied to al Qaeda, although no evidence of an al Qaeda connection has been presented.

As the BBC recounts:

The terror alert level was raised to critical - its highest level - after a Jeep Cherokee, loaded with gas cylinders, crashed into the doors of Glasgow airport's main terminal and burst into flames on Saturday afternoon.... The attempted attack in Paisley [west of Glasgow] came a day after two Mercedes containing petrol, gas cylinders and nails were found outside a nightclub in London's Haymarket and in a nearby street.
The devices failed to detonate.

While there was initial fear that these attempted attacks were the work of homegrown radicals like the 7/7 bombings, the first five arrested are said to be from Middle Eastern countries. One of those arrested was a Jordanian doctor, Mohammed Asha, 26. Asha is said to have moved to the UK two years ago to specialize in neurology. One of the men who purportedly drove the flaming Jeep Cherokee into the front of Glasgow International Airport is said to also be a doctor. Bilal Abdulla, an Iraqi, worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, just miles from where he and a co-conspirator allegedly attacked the airport.

In the latest round of arrests, the New York Times reports "The police spokeswoman said that neither of the men arrested today are believed to be of 'Scottish origin.' None of the five suspects arrested in operations over the weekend are British citizens, a senior Western official said."

The UK's Daily Mail has more on the attacks and subsequent arrests, including a time line.


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