United Kingdom Scraps Expensive Intelligence Network

By Matthew Harwood

The United Kingdom government wasted "tens of millions" of pounds on a secret computer network designed to allow different agencies to access secret intelligence fast, reports the Guardian.

According to the annual report from the Intelligence and Security Committee, the project known as SCOPE had two phases. The first phase of the project, which was completed two years late, allows Britain's intelligence establishment—MI-5, MI-6, and the Government Communications Headquarters —to share and access intelligence securely. Calling up intelligence now takes only 15 minutes, whereas in the past it took 12 hours.

But it's the project's second phase that has been terminated, the Guardian reports.

It would have allowed officials in as many as 10 government departments - including the Home Office, Revenue and Customs, and the Serious Organised Crime Agency - and 1,500 defense officials and military commanders, secure electronic access to intelligence.

“We have consistently reported concerns about SCOPE and are appalled that Phase II of the system -- on which tens of millions of pounds have been spent -- has now had to be scrapped,” the committee's report said, according to


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