Morning Security Brief: WTC Security Upgrade, Facebook For Spying, and Apple Devices Hacked Remotely

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced plans to boost security at the new World Trade Center, Iranian hackers are spying on U.S. officials by friending them on Facebook, and iPhones are being held hostage by a cloud-based hacker.

Obama Outlines Foreign Policy Strategy in Address at West Point

President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point, outlining his stance on the use of military power to achieve his foreign policy goals.

Morning Security Brief: Snowden a Spy, Boko Haram Kills Security Personnel, eBay Information Security Weaknesses, and More

Edward Snowden claims he is a spy who has worked undercover overseas for U.S. government agencies. Boko Haram has killed 31 security personnel in northeastern Nigeria. Ethical hackers are pointing out more weakness in eBay's information security. And a report says that the retail and heath care sectors are falling behind in security.

Morning Security Brief: Details Emerge About California Shooter, Mudslide in Colorado, and Violence in Ukraine

Chilling details are emerging about the 22 year-old gunman who killed six people in Santa Barbara, California on Friday. Search efforts continue for three men missing in a massive mudslide in western Colorado. And at least 40 people were killed in Eastern Ukraine in a clash at the Donetsk airport between pro-Russian separatists and the military.

Morning Security Brief: House Passes NSA Reform, eBay Under Investigation, and DOJ Announces New Video Policy

The House of Representatives passes NSA reform measure, investigators begin looking into eBay's recent data breach, and the Department of Justice announces a new videotaping requirement for interrogations.

Morning Security Brief: eBay Hacked, Bombing in China, Coup By Thai Military, And More

At least 145 million eBay accounts have been hacked. Thirty-one people have been killed in a terrorist attack in China. The Thai military has taken control of the country. And a dangerous chemical in fertilizer is underregulated, according to the GAO.

Morning Security Brief: China Wants Security Framework, Utility Hacked, Cybersecurity Workforce Bill Introduced, and More

China's President Xi Jinping wants a cooperative security group that includes Russia and Iran, but excludes the United States. A U.S. utility has been hacked and its control systems compromised. Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Senate to make it easier for DHS to hire and retain its cybersecurity workforce. The NYC Transit security head has been ousted.

ASIS Foundation and Military Liaison Council to Award Full Certification Scholarships

In an effort to provide the means for men and women within military service around the world to enhance their professional development in the security profession, the ASIS Foundation and the ASIS International Military Liaison Council have established a certification scholarship program for active-service military ASIS members to pursue ASIS board certification.

Morning Security Brief: Thai Army Declares Martial Law, Chinese Retaliate Against Cyber Charges, Missing Jet Update, and More

Thailand's army has declared a state of martial law in a surprise move. The Chinese government speaks out against U.S. charges of cyber espionage against five members of its People's Liberation Army. A global satellite communications firm will release the communications log from missing Malaysian Flight 370. And shoppers express concern over new security measures at the checkout.

United States Charges China in First Criminal Cyber Espionage Case

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the United States is formally charging members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with cyber espionage. They are accused of stealing trade secrets from six U.S. companies.

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