Morning Security Brief: Separatists Offer Truce To Investigate Plane Crash, FDIC Lacks Information Security Controls, And More

Following yesterday's plane crash in eastern Ukraine, Pro-Russian separatists occupying the region have offered a truce to allow experts to investigate the wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet. The U.S. GAO also reports on weaknesses in the FDIC's information security controls and the U.S. Senate passes a terrorism insurance extension act.

Malaysia Airlines Flight Crashes in Ukraine Near Russian Border

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 carrying 295 people crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border on Thursday. Early reports indicate that there are no survivors.

Morning Security Brief: Kabul Airport Attack, Biolab Concerns, Infrastructure Funding, and More

Militants shut down Kabul International Airport this morning with gunfire, a hearing on biosecurity revealed that there is no national oversight for high-risk facilities, Obama is expected to announce an infrastructure funding plan, and gas prices in the U.K. skyrocket.

Morning Security Brief: Google's "Project Zero" Internet Security Team, IT Defense Budget, and Nuclear Power Plant Security

Google has put together a team of security researchers aimed at reducing threats online. The Senate Appropriations Committee has released a draft of its bill proposing cuts to the defense IT budget. And a Japanese nuclear power plant receives preliminary approval for two of its reactors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission releases updated enforcement guidance on pregnancy discrimination and related issues in an effort to address the "significant number" of cases of alleged pregnancy discrimination involving employers.

Morning Security Brief: More Chinese Espionage Charges, Hamas Rejects Cease-Fire, Deadly Russia Metro Accident, and More

The U.S. Justice Department has charged a Chinese businessman with stealing secrets from U.S. companies including Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Islamic Militant group Hamas has rejected a cease-fire proposed by the Israeli government as the fighting continues. At least 19 people are dead in one of the worst metro accidents in Russia's history. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Shooting Report, CDC Closings, Gaza Drone, and Hacking Response

Report details response issues at Navy Yard shooting, CDC temporarily closes two labs, drone shot down in Israel as Gaza deaths rise, and digital first aid kit released.

Morning Security Brief: Researchers Unveil Secure Password Experiment, Gaza Death Toll Rises, And More

Researchers unveil experiment that teaches individuals how to remember randomly created passwords, the death toll in Gaza rises, and DHS Secretary Johnson asks Congress to move on emergency funding for border security.

Morning Security Brief: Federal Worker Database Breached, ATF Review, Cybersecurity, and More

Chinese hackers accessed a database of federal workers' information in March, a GAO report on changes in the ATF, cybersecurity concerns for industrial control systems, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Forgotten Smallpox Samples Found, Electronic Device Screening, Light Bulb Hack, and More

Forgotten vials of the smallpox virus have been found in a laboratory near Washington, D.C. New electronic device screening for international flights is an inconvenience, but worthwhile, experts say. Network-enabled light bulbs have been hacked. Thinktank computers have been compromised by the Deep Panda hackers.

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