Morning Security Brief: Derailment Investigation, Australia Spied on Citizens, Canadian National Security Arrest, and More

Investigations have begun into yesterday’s train derailment in New York City. Documents released by Edward Snowden indicate that Australia was willing to share information gathered when it was spying on its citizens. Canadian authorities announce the arrest of a Toronto man for passing state secrets to China.

Morning Security Brief: Obama Nomiates Roth, UK Business Cybersecurity, How the NSA Spied on Internet Users, and More

President Obama has nominated the FDA's John Roth as inspector general of the DHS. U.K. Big Business may not be paying enough attention to cybersecurity. Experts explain how the NSA was able to eavesdrop on Yahoo and Google. NATO holding cyber-defense exercise.

Morning Security Brief: Report on Sandy Hook, Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Investigation, Yale Shooter, and More

A 48-page report on the Sandy Hook shootings offers insight into shooter Adam Lanza's life, but offers no clear motive behind the attack; the supposed gunman on Yale's campus might have been a hoax; and there no criminal charges in a deadly meningitis outbreak linked to a Massachusetts pharmacy that killed 64 people.

The FBI's Hate Crime Statistics, 2012 Report is Now Out, Shows About 7 Percent Drop From 2011

There were 5,796 hate crime incidents involving 6,718 offenses, down from 2011 figures of 6,222 incidents involving 7,254 offenses, for 2012, according to the latest FBI report.

Morning Security Brief: Security Clearances Scrutinized, Sandy Hook Report Released Today, and Egypt Enacts Protester Law

The gunman who opened fire at the Navy Yard had his security clearance pulled temporarily. Connecticut officials are expected to issue a report today on the investigation into the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A new law in Egypt sharply restricts protests.

Morning Security Brief: Afghan President Stalls Pact, Australian State's Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Initiative, And More

Afghanistan's president stalls pact with U.S. to allow troops in the country through 2024. Victoria, Australia, is set to become the first state in that country to develop a whole-of-government cyber security strategy. And more.

Morning Security Brief: U.S.-Afghan Agreement Reached, Report On DoD Catastrophe Response, And More

America and Afghanistan reached a pact that would place U.S. troops in Afghanistan until 2024; a report shows the DoD needs to improve its catastrophe response plan, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Afghan Pact Stalled, Security Clearances Questioned, Security, And More

The U.S.-Afghan security pact is still not finalized after controversy over an expected letter from President Obama apologizing for mistakes made during the war; a GAO report outlines recommendations for a more regular review of security clearances; experts testify on Capitol Hill that should be shut down until its security flaws can be fixed; and more.

Morning Security Brief: No Supreme Court Review of NSA Case, Ricin Letter Link, and More

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a review of ruling on government access to phone records. A link has emerged between the shut-down of the Silk Road contraband Web site and a letter containing Ricin sent to the White House. The director of national intelligence has released a high court document authorizing the collection of communications records.

Morning Security Brief: Security in Philippines, Tough Identity Laws in Russia, U.S. Government Hacked, and More

Major aid organizations dismiss rumors that poor security is hampering relief efforts in the Philippines. Russia has enacted extensive identity checks for Olympic ticket purchasers. An FBI memo reveals that Anonymous has been hacking U.S. government sites for almost a year. And more.

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