Morning Security Brief: Johnson Confirmation Hearings, Aid Falters in the Philippines, and World Leaders Discuss Cybercrime

Jeh Johnson, President Obama’s pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, faces Senate confirmation hearings today. Residents of The Philippines are still suffering after Typhoon Haiyan. Leaders from Asia and Europe cite cybercrime as the major issue facing their nations.

Morning Security Brief: Deadly Typhoon Ravages Philippines, Project Manager Testifies, and Cybersecurity Report

Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines over the weekend, and now relief workers are warning of a potential health emergency in the nation; the project manager of says he was kept in the dark about major security problems with the federal health insurance site; and EY (formerly Ernst and Young) releases a report on businesses and cybersecurity.

Morning Security Brief: Edward Snowden's Leaks Cause Security Risk, a DHS Privacy Report,and More

Edward Snowden's leaks hurt security, says British Intel chief; DHS submits privacy report to Congress; and more.

ASIS Foundation, University of Phoenix Release Report on Future Needs for Security Training

The ASIS Foundation and University of Phoenix have released a report that drew from industry literature and roundtables to assess current and rising risks and the competencies that the future security workforce would need to meet those risks.

Virtual Desktops and Security

A virtual desktop environment can help companies securely manage “bring your own device” policies by controlling access to corporate information.

Morning Security Brief: Cloud Security Lacking, Good and Bad Hackers, and Defense Budget Cut Dangers

The majority of companies do not secure data stored on the cloud due to concerns that it will hamper usability and access. The FBI has added five new hackers to its cyber "most wanted" list. A new program encourages white hat hackers to report bugs for cash. And Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel voices his concerns about the effects of defense budget cuts.

Morning Security Brief: Terrorism and Human Behavior, Infrastructure Protection, and DHS Woes

A report links the stress of ongoing terrorism with compulsive shopping. DHS is about to update NIPP, but not without controversy. The DHS inspector general says the agency has lingering technical, funding, and staffing issues.

Morning Security Brief: New Jersey Mall Shooting, Justice Dept. to Review LAX Security, European NSA Spying Concerns, And More

A gunman is found dead hours after he opened fire at a New Jersey shopping mall; the Justice Department says it will review security at Los Angeles International airport; John Kerry is promising European leaders the United States will thoroughly review the NSA's spying procedures; and the DHS Inspector General releases a report outlining several recommendations for the agency to improve cybersecurity measures.

Highlights from Last Week's Hearing on Concerns Over NSA Spying

Top intelligence officials defended National Security Agency (NSA) programs and spying on American allies in a House Intelligence Committee hearing last week afternoon, but also said they were willing to look into possible changes to practices to help ease the public’s concern that the NSA has gone too far.

Watching for Biological Threats

Assessing progress in how the national biosurveillance program is performing.

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