Morning Security Brief: NSA Data Center Stalled, Problems with Antibullying Programs, and More

The NSA's largest data storage center in the U.S. is experiencing electrical problems which will delay its opening. Experts question the effectiveness of antibullying programs. A new study shows more than 80 percent of phones lack security, and Russia is increasing its border security.

Morning Security Brief: MI5 Chief on Snowden Leaks, Industrial Espionage, Insider Threats, and Boy Sneaks on Plane

Britain's new director general of the MI5 says that the Snowden leaks have been a boon to the Islamic extremist who want to attack the UK. Brazil has accused Canada of industrial espionage. A new survey reveals that large enterprises are not adequately protecting themselves against insider threats. And a boy with no ticket managed to get through security and board a plane.

Morning Security Brief: Update on Aborted Navy SEAL Raid, Social Security Fraud, Shutdown's Effects on Cybersecurity, and More

Members of elite Navy SEAL team 6 aborted an operation to capture a terrorist in Somalia because children were nearby; investigation reveals fraud in the Social Security Administration's Disability Program; the U.S. government shutdown is hurting cybersecurity efforts; and more.

Visa Discusses Efforts to Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

In a world where consumers regularly use mobile devices to make purchases and take advantage of online banking options, financial institutions are working harder than ever to verify cardholder identities and prevent fraudulent transactions, said Visa, Inc., Head of Risk and Authentication Products Mark Nelsen, speaking on a panel at the Visa Global Security Summit 2013 in Washington, D.C. last week.

Morning Security Brief: Al Qaeda Suspect in Custody, Chemical Program Shut Down, Madoff’s Employees Go on Trial, and More

An al Qaeda operative was captured in Libya yesterday and is now in military custody. The chemical facility review program closed as part of the government shutdown. Five of Bernard Madoff’s employees go on trial for their part in his Ponzi scheme. International peacekeepers began overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons yesterday.

Morning Security Brief: Capitol Chase Suspect Update, Government Secrecy Report, and Marathon Security

Update on the Capitol Hill lockdown and shooting, marathon security, and more.

Confronting the Insider Threat

How companies can reduce the insider threat with prescreening, ongoing monitoring, and awareness programs.

Morning Security Brief: Silk Road Site Busted By FBI, Government Shutdown Security Concerns, White Collar Crime Site Hacked

The clandestine Silk Road online marketplace was shut down and its operator arrested due to illegal activity. The government shutdown could create an opportunity for hackers to infiltrate government websites. And a Russian hacking group has stolen massive amounts of data from the National White Collar Crime Center.

Morning Security Brief: Big Award for Whistleblower, Business Campus Security, Uptight Societies Spawn Terrorism, and More

The SEC has awarded a whistleblower $14 million. Apple's planned second campus will be heavily secured. Terrorism is endemic to ridged societies, a new journal article states. Singapore will open an advanced cybersecurity training facility next year. And More.

Morning Security Brief: Government Shutdown and DHS; Marine Leaders Disciplined, School Security in Nigeria, and More

A majority of the Department of Homeland Security's work force will remain on the job during the U.S. government shutdown; two Marine Corps leaders are ordered to retire early after a security breach last year on a base in Afghanistan; Nigeria adds more security in and around schools after a deadly shooting on a university campus; and more.

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