Morning Security Brief: Congress Poised to Act on Aid to Ukraine, Malaysian Airlines Search Moves North, And More

Congress poised to act on legislation to aid Ukraine, the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight moves almost 700 miles north, and the Air Force fires nine officers in the wake of a missile test cheating scandal.

Morning Security Brief: UMD Data Breach Update, GAO Report on Critical Infrastructure, and Job Sites Hacked

University of Maryland's president testified that the school has made improvements to its cybersecurity. DHS is making progress on its industry partnerships to protect critical infrastructure, and and are being targeted by malware.

Morning Security Brief: Data Breach Law Suit, World Trade Center Security Woes, Terrorist Watchlist, and More

Two banks are suing Target and Trustware for damages from the holiday-season data breach. This week has seen Base Jumpers and CNN producers try their hand at bypassing World Trade Center Security. The Terrorist Watchlist complied by the FBI is the subject of a new audit report. The death toll rises in Oso.

Europol Director Wainwright to Deliver Keynote Speech at ASIS European Security Conference, April 1-3

Europol Director Rob Wainwright will deliver his keynote speech, “Organized Crime: The Scale of the Challenge Facing Europe,” at ASIS International’s 13th European Security Conference & Exhibition, to be held at the World Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands, April 1-3, 2014.

Morning Security Brief: Proposals to End NSA Collection Program, Landslide Search Continues, Shooting at Naval Base, And More

The President and Congress are both proposing an end to the NSA's bulk phone data collection and storage program; search efforts resume today for victims of a landslide in Washington State; a shooting at the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia leaves two dead; and angry families of the victims of Malaysian Flight 370 clash with police in Beijing.

BREAKING: Missing Malaysian Flight Crashed in Indian Ocean

Malaysia's prime minister and Malaysian Airlines announce that the missing flight, 370, crashed in the southern Indian Ocean after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.

Morning Security Brief: Fatal Mudslide, Malaysia Flight, Russian Threat, and Israeli Counterterrorism

Search in Washington state continues, Possible Malaysian plan wreckage, Russian threatens while Ukraine retreats, Israeli shootings threaten peace talks

Morning Security Brief: New Food Security Rules, Flight Debris Eludes Searchers, and More

A new proposed rule by the FDA would require food processors and manufacturers to take steps to prevent potential terrorist attacks. The search for the missing Malaysian flight continues. And, self-defense groups in Ukraine are forced to turn in illegal firearms, and

Academic Paper Suggests Additional Airport Security Not 'Sensible'

An academic paper suggests additional security measures to protect airports are not "sensible expenditures" because the likelihood of an attack is low.

Morning Security Brief: Sanctions Against Russia, Taliban Attacks Afghan Police, Secure UK Currency, And More

EU leaders are considering economic sanctions against Russia, which could have grave consequences for Europe's economy. Taliban insurgents attacked a police station in Jalalabad, killing 10. The UK is working on a £1 coin with enhanced security features to curb counterfeiting. And a congressional hearing deals with human trafficking.

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