Morning Security Brief: U.S. And Russia Hold Talks, Railroad System Has 'Deficient Safety Culture,' And More

Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Russia's foreign minister in an effort to prevent the crisis in Crimea from escalating, the Federal Railroad Administration releases critical report of New York-area commuter train system Metro-North Railroad, and more.

Morning Security Brief: NYC Gas Leak Explosion Kills 7, Critical Infrastructure Concerns, and Missing Flight Update

A suspected gas leak caused an explosion in New York City that killed at least seven people. A report on the aging infrastructure of NYC stresses potential dangers. And Malaysian Air Flight 370 is still missing.

Morning Security Brief: NRC System Criticized, NATO Planes Deployed Near Ukraine, and Missing Flight Update

A GAO report says the NRC's communication system may be ineffective in an emergency; NATO says it has sent two planes over Romania and Poland to monitor the situation in Ukraine; and more details on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 emerge, though no trace of the plane has been found by international search efforts.

Committee Chair Accuses CIA of Misconduct

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) accused the CIA of violating federal law and undermining Congress's rights of oversight of the executive branch in a statement this morning.

Morning Security Brief: Update on Malaysian Airlines Flight, Boston Marathon Security Amped Up, And More.

The head of Interpol said on Tuesday that the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is probably not related to terrorism; the Boston Marathon, scheduled for April 21, will have tighter security measures and record attendance; and a cybersecurity firm says it has uncovered more than 360 million credentials newly available on the black market for purchase by cybercriminals.

Morning Security Brief: Malaysia Flight, Ukraine Standoff, and Cybersecurity Jobs

Probe launched on missing airliner, Ukraine-Russian conflict deepens, and Washington, D.C., leads in cybersecurity jobs.

Morning Security Brief: Crimean Lawmakers Travel to Russia, CIA Faces Scrutiny, And More

Lawmakers from Crimea travel to Ukraine to begin the process of joining Russia, the CIA handles allegations of wrongdoing in searching Congressional computers, and more.

Upcoming Referendum Crucial in Ukraine Conflict, Expert Says

A leading Ukrainian expert briefed ASIS members on the unfolding crisis in the Crimea during a CSO Roundtable teleconference on Thursday.

Morning Security Brief: Ukrainian Conflict Goes Cyber, Bitcoin Hacking Woes, and Sally Beauty Data Breach

Ukrainian and Russian activists are taking the battlefield online by hacking government Web sites. Virtual currency exchange service Flexcoin closes its doors after being drained financially by hackers. And information from 282,000 credit cards used at Sally Beauty has surfaced on cybercrime markets.

Morning Security Brief: China Vows Terrorist Crackdown, Cyber Initiatives Funding, Electronic Spying, and More

China's president calls for crackdown on terrorists in the wake the Kunming attack. Obama's budget would heavily fund DHS cyber initiatives. The U.S. government's electronic spying tools could end up in the wrong hands, experts fear.

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