Phishing E-Mails Dramatically, Inexplicably Drop in First Half of Year

The amount of phishing emails has precipitously dropped since this time last year, reports the Associated Press.

Security Concerns Arise With Medical Marijuana Centers in Rhode Island

A state police officer voiced some security concerns at a Rhode Island Department of Health meeting yesterday, relating to the state's recent decision to allow the sale of medical marijuana to chronically ill people, reports the Associated Press.

Safe Route Planning the Afghanistan Way

A Marine in Afghanistan has come up with a low-cost, off-the-shelf way to plan safer routes using nothing more than a GPS device, a USB port, and mapping software.

Russia: Government Adds 414 Entries to Its Controversial Extremist Materials List

Much like the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, the Kremlin is facing a lot of criticism for trying to determine what exactly constitutes extremism inside its borders.

Hackers Riddle Fake DHS E-mails with Malware

Hackers have a new guise to attack federal, state, and local government and law enforcement departments: fake malware-riddled e-mails from the Department of Homeland Security.

Firewalls, IPS Top Network Defenses, says Forrester

Organizational networks are threatened by an ever-shifting array of complex cyber attacks.

Former Agency Heads Defend Use of Intelligence Contractors

Speaking at the National Press Club at an event on privatization of Intelligence, former CIA director Michael Hayden and former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff defended the use of contractors as a means of filling in skill sets that might be lacking in-house.

Research Shows DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

They say there's nothing certain in life but death and taxes. Still, when it comes to prosecuting a criminal case or defending against it, it seemed that DNA evidence was hard to challenge. Now, a team of Israeli researchers shows why we can't be so certain of that either.

Government Strategy to Fight Terrorism Financing Dealt Setback

A U.S. government strategy to fight terrorism by shutting down funding sources has been dealt a setback in a recent federal court ruling on the case KindHearts v. Geithner.

Government Encourages Companies to Prepare for Flu Season

The idea that workers should be encouraged to tough it out and come to work even if they don't feel well is so 20th century. In the new millennium, with its pandemic flu threat hanging in the air, the government hopes that workers who think they may be coming down with something will stay home so as not to infect their coworkers. And the government wants companies to encourage that attitude with flexible sick leave policies, among other efforts.

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