DHS, Pentagon Battle Over National Guard at the Border

The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security are fighting over who will pay for National Guardsmen ordered to help protect the southwest border from Mexican drug violence, reports The Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press.

Report Warns of Losing "Locational Privacy"

A new report from a privacy watchdog warns that Americans are losing their privacy as they travel through public space due to location-based technological services such as EZ Pass and cellphones.

Vegas Tourism Board Pays for Fusion Center Intelligence Analyst

The city of Las Vegas' visitors bureau has approved nearly half a million dollars over three years to hire and pay for a terrorism intelligence analyst to be stationed in the city's fusion center, reports The Las Vegas Sun.

U.N. Employee Bites Security Guard During Scuffle Over Nepotism Allegation

In a bizarre incident that has just come to light, a security guard at the United Nations was bitten by an irate employee over nepotism allegations, reports The Times (of London).

New UAV Thrown Like a Boomerang

Two times a year, unmanned-aerial-vehicle makers bring their wares to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s biannual field demonstration to try and carve out a niche in an exploding defense market. This year, a small UAV stood out.

California Prison Had History of Safety Problems

The California prison that erupted in violent race riots this weekend had a history of problems in recent years, reports The New York Times.

Iraq: Military Contractor Shoots and Kills Two Fellow Contractors, Wounds Iraqi in Green Zone

A night of vodka drinking early on Sunday morning in Baghdad's Green Zone ended in two private military contractors dead, one Iraqi national wounded, and one private military contractor in custody, allegedly for shooting the other three men after an argument broke out.

Cash for Clunkers Scams Abound

The Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and a senator are warning people to beware of cyber- and phone-scams associated with the "Cash for Clunkers" program that phish for personal information or solicit down payments or fees to reserve a place in line.

Another Top Level Cyber Security Official Resigns

Another top cybersecurity official has resigned her post protecting the country's government and civilian networks from cyberattack, due to frustration with the lack of progress in President Obama's cybersecurity efforts, reports The Washington Post.

Is the Obama Administration Diluting Whistleblower Protections?

The Obama administration may be backing away from its campaign pledge to protect national security whistleblowers, according to administration e-mail and a Senate committee's draft legislation, reports The Washington Times.

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