NYC Rabbi Teaches Synagogue Self-Defense

A New York City rabbi has developed a 100-hour counterterrorist security course to protect synagogues during the forthcoming Jewish High Holy Days, The New York Post reports.

Fifth of Jobs Government Will Hire for Between 2010 and 2012 Will be Security-Related

Nearly 20 percent of all the jobs the federal government will be hiring for in between 2010 and 2012 will be security-related, reports the Washington Business Journal.

Who Will Guard the Guards? More Guards

The State Department has assigned diplomatic security staff to watch over ArmorGroup security contractors in Kabul as new allegations surface that the company retaliated against one of its whistleblowers.

Chertoff: Threat Level System May Be Too Ingrained to Change

Current DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has consulted both Chertoff and his predecessor, Tom Ridge, in a reassessment of the agency's five-level, color-coded alert system.

Google Analyzes Flu Web Searches to Create Early Warning System

As the Northern Hemisphere gears up for flu season amid the H1N1 pandemic, companies are analyzing Web activity to create early warning systems, reports The Washington Post.

Do Gangs Get Too Much of the Blame for Street Violence?

Some criminologists suggest the violent crime we blame on gangs may be obscuring an even scarier reality.

U.S. and Mexico Sign Agreement to Build Public Security Communications Network

The United States government announced a bilateral agreement with Mexico today that will create a public security communications network to bolster border security between the two countries.

Private Military Contractor Charged With Murder Shouldn't Have Been Hired, Sources Say

Members of the private military contractor community are flabbergasted that the private military contractor who allegedly murdered two colleagues in Iraq last month was even hired, reports The Independent.

Afghanistan: Embassy Guards Accused of Unruly, Undisclipined Behavior

The ability of ArmorGroup North America (AGNA) private security guards to adequately and honorably protect the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has once again been called into question by an independent watchdog organization, reports The Washington Post.

"Superbug" Fears Remote, But Swine Flu Fitter Than Other Strains

Researchers experimenting with various flu strains in ferrets found no evidence that a supervirulent hybrid flu strain could arise but did discover that swine flu outcompetes other flu strains, reports the University of Maryland Newsdesk.

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