Panel Says Terror Alert System Works Better for Institutions Rather than Public

Institutions, including the private sector, are much better served by the color-coded terror-alert system created after the 9-11 attacks than the public, a bipartisan task force created to reevaluate the system reported yesterday.

USAF Shoots Down Out-of-Control Reaper Over Northern Afghanistan

The United States Air Force shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on Sunday morning after it lost control of the aircraft over a remote area in Northern Afghanistan.

FEMA Guidance on Recovery After Radiological Event Insufficient, GAO Reports

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has not developed a strategy to help cities and states across the United States recover from a dirty bomb or improvised nuclear device (IND) attack, a representative from Congress' investigative arm told legislators yesterday.

Nonlethal Weapon Used on Pirates, Deployed in California by Sheriff

A long range acoustic device, used to fend off Somali pirates, radical environmentalists, and Iraqi insurgents by their adversaries, was deployed by police recently at local political events in California, reports San Diego-based East County Magazine.

Liquid Restrictions Could be Over in 2010, While TSA Begins Screening Powders

Liquid restrictions at U.S. airports could be a thing of the past as soon as next year, while the federal government has introduced new screening measures on powders, reports The Wall Street Journal.

CCTV Reclaims Public Housing Complexes in Newark

A $5 million investment in a sprawling video surveillance system by the Newark Public Housing Authority has driven away drug dealers, prostitutes, and vagrants from the city's public housing complexes, reports Newark's The Star-Ledger.

Company Underbid Embassy Security Contract, Ignored Misconduct, Whistleblowers Say

The fallout from the scandal involving private security contractors protecting the U.S. Embassy Kabul continues to rise up the management ladder, according to allegations levied by two ArmorGroup North America whistleblowers.

On 9-11 Anniversary: How Strong is Al Qaeda?

According to interoggation documents of militant volunteers and counterterrorism experts and officials worldwide, al Qaeda is a fractured, cash-strapped organization unable to recruit enough footsoldiers to plot and execute spectacular attacks like those of 9-11, reports the Guardian.

Hotels Become a Favorite Target for Terrorists

Terrorist attacks against hotels have doubled since the events of September 11, 2001, says a private intelligence firm.

The Information DHS Stores on International Travelers

A recent Freedom of Information Act request reveals how much personally identifiable information the government collects and stores on international travelers.

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