Colorado Releases Video Describing the 8 Signs of Terrorism

In an effort to educate and increase ordinary citizens' awareness of terrorism planning, the state of Colorado, its fusion center, the FBI, and the nonprofit Center for Empowered Living and Learning (CELL) have co-produced a video exploring suspicious activities that may indicate terrorist planning.

As Layoffs Increase, Retaliation Claims Surge

Layoffs may be contributing to a surge in retaliation claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, reports The Wall Street Journal.

New York City's Ring of Steel Gets Wider

The network of surveillance cameras; license-plate readers; and chemical, biological, and radiological sensors that protect lower Manhattan will expand to cover mid-town, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced yesterday.

Hackers Using Fake Facebook Profiles to Peddle Fake Antispyware

Hackers have discovered a way to automate the creation of fake Facebook pages to peddle fake antispyware, underlining once again the threats organizations face that let their employees use social networking sites, a security researcher warned.

Well-Dressed Prisoner Escapes from NYC Courthouse; Reapprehended 36 Hours Later

The New York City Department of Correction has ordered a top-to-bottom review of its security procedures and staffing levels after a dapper prisoner in a three-piece suit slipped out of court after claiming he was a lawyer.

DHS to Create New Office to Support Intelligence Fusion Centers

The Department of Homeland Security will establish a new office to support the nation's rapidly expanding network of fusion centers.

Worries Arise Over Homegrown Terrorism at Homeland Security Hearing

A Senate hearing on homeland security yesterday worried about the threat of homegrown terrorists, radicalized immigrants, and lone wolves after federal authorities recently broke up three different alleged bombing conspiracies.

GAO Criticizes Park Service's Risk Management Practices

The National Park Service does not have a systematic approach to risk management, which could leave the millions of people who visit national parks and icons vulnerable to terrorist attack and other criminal activities, according to the Government Accountability Office(GAO).

Lashkar-e-Taiba Continues to Thrive After Mumbai Terror Attacks

The terrorist organization behind the devastating commando-style terrorist attack against Mumbai ten months ago continues to thrive, according to the front page of this morning's The New York Times.

Philadelphia-Area Schools Invest in Sex Offender Screening Software

School districts in the Philadelphia area are installing a visitor tracking software solution to screen out sex offenders and other undesireables to prevent them from gaining access to their school buildings' hallways and classrooms, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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