Unrest in Mexico Triggers Texas' Border Security Plan

Large protests and a deadly shootout between Mexican armed forces and drug cartel members just across the Mexican border last week activated Texas' border security plan, which anticipates the day violence spills over the border, reports South Texas's The Monitor.

Four Animal Rights Activists Arrested for Protests, Assault in California

Federal authorities last week arrested and charged four animal rights activists under a never before used federal law which protects industries and individuals that use animals in their work.

New Culture of Cybersecurity Needed, Leaders Say

The nation's cybersecurity relies as much on education and culture as it does technology and governance, according to participants in a forum held by the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection.

IG: Pentagon Did Not Properly Account for Weapons Tranfers

A new report from the Defense Department's inspector general criticizes the agency for not only losing track of surplus weapons provided to friendly foreign governments, but also sending weapons to governments not authorized to receive them.

Mexican Gun Battle Caught on Film

A firefight between Mexican soldiers and drug cartel members that broke out in the border town of Reynosa on Tuesday was caught on film by Mexican broadcaster Mexicanal.

Body Scanners Used as Primary Screening Technology at Tulsa International Airport

The Transportation Security Administration's new body-scanning machines have been unveiled this week at Tulsa International Airport as the primary screening technology to favorable reviews, reports USA Today.

U.K. Court at Odds with Human Rights Body Over Extremist

Fiery Islamist preacher Abu Qatada has experienced the highs and lows of competing European legal systems over the last day when the United Kingdom's Law Lords ruled he could be deported to Jordan while the European Court of Human Rights ruled he should receive £2500 for his illegal detention without trial after the events of 9-11.

Los Alamos National Lab Institutes Data Security Overhaul

The recent theft of three Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) computers from an employee's home and the loss of a Blackberry in a foreign country has led the laboratory to institute a month-long review to ensure that all computers held off-site comply with data security policies, reports

Six Westeners Kidnapped in West Africa Held by Al Qaeda, Group Claims

Al Qaeda's North African affiliate plans to issue demands for the release of two Canadian diplomats and four Europeans, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

Clinton: Economic Crisis Could Destabilize Governments Worldwide

The global economic crisis could cause great political upheaval across the world, Hillary Clinton told ABC News in one of her first interviews since becoming secretary of state.

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