Mexico Will Not Fail, Embassy Official Says

Despite American concerns to the contrary, Mexico will not become a failed state as the government battles drug trafficking organizations, said a Mexican embassy official today.

E-Verify Deadline Pushed Back

E-Verify, a controversial program under which federal contractors and subcontractors would be required to electronically verify their employees’ eligibility to legally work in the United States, has again been delayed at the behest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, according to a release from that organization.

Secretary of Homeland Security Calls for Assessment of First Responder Health Surge Capability

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has issued an action directive to assess the current state of medical readiness, including local first responder capabilities, hospital bed capacity, and the ability to surge existing capacity in an emergency, as well as any gaps and current efforts to address them.

Real Estate Executives Discuss Lessons of Mumbai at Senate Hearing

Representatives from the real estate industry's top executive organization discussed the lessons of the Mumbai terrorist attack and their industry's best practices today before lawmakers.

Former Israeli Minister Says Government Must Take Fight to Organized Crime

There's another war on terrorism going on inside Israel, argues one of the country's former deputy defense ministers, but this battle is between law enforcement and organized crime.

Hackers Compromise 4.5 Million Monster Accounts in U.K.

The immensely popular job search Web site,, has revealed that hackers may have compromised as many as 4.5 million accounts stored on its site in the United Kingdom.

Security Researchers Worry About Worm Activation; Best Practices to Avoiding the Worm

IT security experts are fearfully awaiting the activation of an Internet worm believed to have infected over 1 million computers worldwide, according to USA Today.

Spammers Quickly Recovering from McColo Network's Demise, Says Google

Spammers are quickly recovering from the hit they took when a notorious spam network was taken offline in November, says Google's Enterprise Blog.

Pittsburgh's Waterfront Installs Security Cameras

Pittsburgh's The Waterfront has invested in new security cameras to deter crime after two fatal shootings this summer, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Terrorism Threat Hyped, Says Think Tank

The United States needs to adopt a more "grown-up approach" to counterterrorism, argues a research fellow at the Cato Institute—a libertarian think tank.

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