Cybercriminals Merging Physical and Virtual Worlds in Fake Parking Ticket Attack

A phishing scam involving fake parking tickets and a fake Web site uncovered in Grand Forks, North Dakota, could be the future of malicious activity on the Internet, says an IT security specialist.

Google Latitude Provokes Privacy Fears

One of the world's foremost privacy organizations has slammed Google's new Latitude feature that allows people to track each other from their phones or computers as they go about their daily business.

February Podcast

Listen in as Security Management's Laura Spadanuta talks with February's authors about how businesses can comply with legal discovery rules, the U.K.’s effort to regulate security guards, biothreat detection strategies, and effective IT security risk assessments.

Drug Testing for Teachers?

Should teachers be subjected to random drug testing? That's a debate currently circulating through the U.S. court system, notes a Time analysis of the issue.

Cambridge City Council Stops Activation of Surveillance Cameras

In the enduring controversy over whether surveillance cameras bring security or erode privacy, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently voted to halt the activation of eight security cameras because the public has yet to be told what precisely the cameras will be used for, reports The Boston Globe.

SEC Failed to Act on Whistleblower's Warnings in Madoff Case

Harry Markopolos, an investment expert, repeatedly warned the Securities and Exchange Commission about concerns he had with Bernard Madoff's investments, but the SEC ignored the warnings for a decade, Markopolos told a congressional committee.

Corporations are Biggest IT Security Threat to Customers, IBM Says

Corporations are unwittingly becoming the biggest IT security threat to their customers, according to IBM's X-Force Threat Analysis Service.

Bill to Clear Mistaken Names on Terrorism Watch List Passes House

A bill that would create an appeal and redress process for individuals whose names have wrongly appeared on the government's terrorism watch list overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives yesterday.

National Gang Threat Assessment for 2009 Released

The FBI's recently released National Gang Threat Assessment 2009 finds gang membership and activity on the rise inside the United States.

Treasury to Keep Bush's Undersecretary for Counterterrorism Financing

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced yesterday that the Treasury Department will keep Stuart Levey as underscretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

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