SEC Failed to Act on Whistleblower's Warnings in Madoff Case

Harry Markopolos, an investment expert, repeatedly warned the Securities and Exchange Commission about concerns he had with Bernard Madoff's investments, but the SEC ignored the warnings for a decade, Markopolos told a congressional committee.

Corporations are Biggest IT Security Threat to Customers, IBM Says

Corporations are unwittingly becoming the biggest IT security threat to their customers, according to IBM's X-Force Threat Analysis Service.

Bill to Clear Mistaken Names on Terrorism Watch List Passes House

A bill that would create an appeal and redress process for individuals whose names have wrongly appeared on the government's terrorism watch list overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives yesterday.

National Gang Threat Assessment for 2009 Released

The FBI's recently released National Gang Threat Assessment 2009 finds gang membership and activity on the rise inside the United States.

Treasury to Keep Bush's Undersecretary for Counterterrorism Financing

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced yesterday that the Treasury Department will keep Stuart Levey as underscretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

Japanese Whalers Shoot Radical Environmentalists with Sonic Blasts

Radical environmental activists have accused a Japanese whaling vessel off the coast of Antartica of attacking them with a gun that shoots an ear-shattering wave of sound at its targets.

Face-blurring Technology in CCTV Systems Could Protect Privacy, Researcher Says

The omnipresence of sophisticated CCTV systems and its impact on privacy has led one researcher to propose an opt-in facial blurring technology for people uncomfortable under the gaze of surveillance systems.

Tight Security Results in Deathless Iraqi Elections

Tight security in Iraq on Saturday resulted in a modestly successful round of local elections without a significant act of violence, as Iraqis from Kurdistan to Basra voted for provincial councils aimed at better representing Iraq's complex mix of ethnicity and religion.

Italian Mafia is Europe's Number One Business

The global recession may have hit Europe hard, but there's still one business that's thriving in these lean economic times: Italy's organized crime syndicates.

Industry Group Releases Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Standards

Hard-drive vendors now have three new encryption standards to adhere to as they manufacture their products to help eliminate data breaches.

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