Virginia Tech Victim Was Decapitated, Say Police

What was originally reported as a stabbing death at Virginia Tech has turned into something much more gruesome: the killer, Haiyang Zhu, decapitated his fellow female graduate student with a kitchen knife.

Another Murder at Virginia Tech; Mass Notification System Successful

Nearly two years after the massacre at Virginia Tech, another violent tragedy has struck the Blacksburg, Virginia, campus.

Heartland May Be the Biggest Data Breach Ever

The data breach at Princeton, New Jersey-based Heartland Payment Systems, which processes payment card transactions, could total over a 100 million card accounts compromised, possibly making it the largest ever.

Combined Tactics Made It Difficult to Fight Mumbai Terror Attack, Report Says

The combination of tactics used by ten terrorists that laid seige to Mumbai, India, for 60 hours made it difficult for law enforcement and security agencies to adequately respond, according to a RAND report.

Treasury Freezes Bin Laden's Son's Assets

The U.S. Treasury Department last Friday froze the assets of Osama Bin Laden's son as well as three other al Qaeda terrorists thought to have relations with Iran.

Despite Terrorism Threat, Inauguration Safe and Sound

Despite terrorism threats released Monday night by homeland security officials, yesterday's inauguration of President Barack Obama at the Capitol came and went without serious incident.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Security Management will return after the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and Inauguration Day tomorrow.

Bill Would Allow Prisons to Jam Cell Phone Signals

Legislation introduced into both houses of Congress yesterday would give prisons the right to block cell phone signals inside their walls after receiving permission from the Federal Communications Commission.

U.S. Navy Nears Deal with Unidentified Country to Prosecute Somali Pirates

The U.S. Navy is close to brokering a deal with an unidentified country to prosecute Somali pirates its captures at sea.

Oakland to Hire Unarmed Private Guards to Bolster Security Presence

In the aftermath of violent riots provoked by a police shooting, Oakland, California, will hire unarmed private security guards to help police patrol the city's streets in anticipation of more protests.

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