Many People Internationally Believe al Qaeda Was Not Responsible for 9-11

A new international survey finds that majorities in eight out of 17 countries polled do not believe al Qaeda perpetrated the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

Concealed Weapon Laws Make Security Practitioners Worried

Security practitioners surveyed as part of an ASIS International Foundation report worry that workplace violence will increase in states that have liberalized concealed-weapon laws.

Security Officials Need to "Adapt" to a New Security Environment, ArgueTwo Academics

Two academics argue that security practitioners need to learn more from Darwin if they want to improve homeland and national security.

Companies Spend 10 Percent of Operating Budget on IT Security

IT security, says Forrester Research, is no longer embedded in the IT department.

Google's New Chrome Browser Vulnerable to Exploits

Despite the two vulnerabilities discovered, Google has received much praise for Chrome's security features.

Leaked GAO Report Criticizes ASP Radiation Detection Machines

The GAO reports that DHS' next-generation radiation machines may cost $3.8 billion over a decade to implement, 81 percent higher than what was originally quoted.

Don't Fall Victim to Hurricane Gustav Phishing Scams

SANS Internet Storm Center lists the slew of domain names registered around relief efforts for victims of hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, many of which are malicious in nature.

LAPD Wants to Exclusively Provide Security on Hollywood Sets

LAPD Chief William Bratton argues the current movie-set officers, many of whom are retired police officers, are not accountable to the police department.

CBP Officers Seized More Than $1.3 Million in Drugs Last Week

Twelve people at two California ports of entry were arrested for alleged drug smuggling over a three-day period last week while CBP officers in Kentucky found a bag of heroin inside a woman's suit shipped from India.

New Orleans Survives Hurricane Gustav; Evacuation Praised

Hurricane Gustav weakened to a Category 2 hurricane before it made landfall 70 miles southwest of New Orleans, reducing the damage to Southern Louisiana and offshore oil refineries in the Gulf.

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