Spy Agencies Using Google

Google's search engine technology and servers are being used by the nation's intelligence community to share information more efficiently.

Don't Get Scammed

Identity thieves and other cybercriminals are on the prowl this tax season.

Heathrow Scraps Fingerprint Plan

London Heathrow Airport scraps a plan to fingerprint all departures at a new domestic terminal after a government watchdog voices opposition.

Leopard Killed First in Hacker Competition

The contest pitted hackers against three operating systems: Linux's Ubuntu, Mac's Leopard, and Microsoft's Vista.

Maryland Helps Protect Its Residents from Identity Theft

A state law requiring that businesses tell customers when personal data has been breached has already had an effect.

U.K.: Government Has Lost 850 Laptops over 5 Years

One department, Work and Pensions, is responsible for nearly a third of the losses.

More Passport Files of "Flagged" Individuals Viewed

Investigations at the State Department are trying to determine if the passport files of "high-profile" individuals were improperly viewed.

Trucking Pork?

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner says a DHS program to train truckers to spot terrorists is one more example of pork-barrel spending that's harming the amount of money high-risk cities receive for homeland security.


New Forums

Check out Security Management's new forum, where security professionals can post questions, get answers, and make professional connections without leaving their computer screen.

TSA Responds to CNN's Air Marshal Report

The agency says that the number of flights covered by federal air marshals is in the thousands and that the marshals are deployed on particular flights based on intelligence and risk.

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