Bali's Antiterrorist Fisherman

Police in Bali are using fishermen to watch the island's shoreline for terrorist activity.

Germany Vaults to Top of al Qaeda's Hit List

German officials fear the domestic security situation has deteriorated as the threat of homegrown terrorism has increased.

Earthquake Shakes Northeast Nevada

The earthquake measured 6.3 on the Richter Scale and hit close to the Nevada-Utah border near the sparsely populated town of Wells, Nevada.

Gun Laws Criticized After NIU Massacre

Critics say gun law loopholes allow mentally ill people access to firearms.

Norway Faces Rising Jihadist Threat

Norway's new troop contribution to the NATO peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan increases its chance of becoming a victim of jihadist terrorism, says a new police intelligence report.

Virginia Tech, Kaine Lobby for Campus Security Study

Funds sought for study to secure open public environments.

Specter: Deport Convicted Illegal Immigrants

Senator says the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens combined with high rates of recidivism make deportation logical.

Amtrak Increases Security Measures

Amtrak to introduce mobile security teams to deter a terrorist attack on its rail lines.

Homeland Security Secretary Testifies on Budget Requests

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff testified in front of the Senate yesterday, outlining his department's 2009 budget requests.

Illinois Campus Shooting Tests Security Plan--Also, Shooter Off Meds But Had No Prior Police Contact

Yesterday's tragic shooting at Northern Illinois University again highlights the need for schools to have alert plans.

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