Art Heist in Zurich Significant in Terms of Money and Tactics

A heist in broad daylight in Zurich may signal a new tactic being used by art thieves.

Laws Needed To Govern CCTV, says Surveillance System Developer

The president of a surveillance system developer urges Congress to establish laws regarding the use of surveillance technologies.

DHS Cybersecurity Nominee Criticized

The Department of Homeland Security nominee for the job of securing computer networks across agencies is drawing criticism from Congress.

Illegal Worker Discovered in Parliament

In the latest security lapse, an illegal worker who fled Heathrow security three years earlier was found working as a cleaner at Parliament.

White House Seeks IT Security Spending Hike

The Bush Administration looks to strengthen the U.S.' IT security spending by 10 percent for FY 2009.

Little Progress Made on Airport Security Screening Technology

Deployment of new technology at airport security checkpoints has been slow, leaving travelers vulnerable, say experts.

Chertoff: U.S. Backsliding on Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the U.S. could be falling behind on homeland security.

Employees Working from Home Ignore Security

A new Cisco study says half of IT managers report remote workers are less diligent about security than they were a year ago.

Virtual Worlds May Be Used as Spy Hubs

Intelligence officials are concerned that online worlds such as "Second Life" may make attractive terrorist hubs.

Private Sector Provides Recommendations on Preparedness Standards

A group of private-sector associations, including ASIS International, have issued a report on security standards being mandated by the Department of Homeland Security.

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