Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed

One of the world's most wanted terrorists reported killed in missile strike.

Bush Administration Tries to Wrangle Security Contractors in Iraq

The Bush Administration yesterday outlined stricter rules for private security companies in Iraq, but the details are nonexistent.

Spammers Following News and Trends

Spammers pay attention to current events and fashion trends to better fool their marks.

Ten Fingerprint Scan Moves to O'Hare International Airport

The fingerprints will be checked against an FBI and a DHS database filled with criminals, illegal immigrants, and known or suspected terrorists.

German Cops Want to Wiretap Skype

The German government contracted with a German company to create malware to wiretap the Skype VoIP communications and SSL transmissions of suspected terrorists and criminals.

Super Bowl a Level One National Security Event

The Super Bowl is classified as a level one national security event by the Department of Homeland Security.

New Tool Encrypts Jihadist Communications

The "Mujahedeen Secrets" encryption tool will help jihadists secure their online communications from spying, says a security firm.

Honor System at Border Will End Thursday, Says DHS

In response, senators from northern U.S. states have implored DHS to maintain oral border declarations until June 2009.

U.K. May Axe National Fingerprint Registry

A leaked Home Office document obtained by The Observer cites cost concerns for the government's loss of enthusiasm.

TSA Tester Gets Fake Bomb Past Screener, Reports CNN

With CNN in tow, a TSA tester smuggled an IED past security at Tampa International Airport.

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