Judge Stops DHS Crackdown on Illegal Hires

Last Friday, a federal judge in San Francisco stopped the Department of Homeland Security from beginning its crackdown aimed at U.S. employers who hire undocumented workers. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by a coaliton of labor, civil rights, and immigrant rights activists.

The Price of Wireless Security

A new survey finds companies will spend 10-20 percent more on security next year to protect their wireless networks and technology.

Nigeria Cannot MEND It's Kidnapping Problem

In Nigeria, kidnappings of foreign workers keep increasing. Learn what companies should do to protect their workers from being nabbed in this online exclusive, "Perils Amid the Profits in the Niger Delta."

Campuses Should Heed Va. Tech Panel Recommendations

University and college campuses would be wise to review and implement when possible panel's myriad recommendations.

Va. Tech Report: Police Preparedness and Response Outstanding

University police had mutual aid agreements with other law enforcement agencies and trained and practiced active shooter response plans with local police.

Va. Tech Panel Releases Report on Massacre

University officials, university police, and mental health system criticized.

Cartoon Cops Patrol Chinese Web Users

Chinese Government creates cartoon cops to police Web.

Does Cyberwar Violate Human Rights?

Over at Reason, Michael Weiss has an intriguing argument in relation to the cyberattacks on Estonia this spring: Cyberwar violates human rights.

Everything is Not Terrorism

If terrorist motivation cannot be found, arson should be prosecuted under the normal criminal code.

New DHS Rules Will Hurt Farmers, Industry Says

Vermont farmers fear new Department of Homeland Security rules will unnecessarily penalize them for hiring foreign workers found to have inauthentic identification papers.

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