DHS Embraces Blogging

One more example of the blogging trend among top government officials.

Retailers Call for Federal Regulation of Online Auction Sites

Criminals take to sites like e-Bay to sell their stolen goods.

Not So Clean in Chile

A new report faults Chile for not prosecuting Chilean companies engaging in bribery abroad.

"Are You Sure It Was Him?"

Police should double-check how sure a witness is after picking out a suspect from a police line-up, says researcher.

Suppressed NASA Report Spreads Doubt

The agency warns the report could undermine passenger confidence in the airline industry.

Insect Insurgents

Could bugs be the next terrorist weapon? A Boston Globe op-ed thinks so.

9-11 Chairman Criticizes FBI's Counterterrorism Efforts

Thomas H. Kean says the FBI must stop treating its intelligence analysts like second class citizens.

Senators Biden and Hatch Introduce Cyber-Crime Act

The bipartisan legislation will criminalize threats to damage a computer network.

International Anticounterfeiting Agreement Proposed

U.S. Trade Representative says counterfeiting is a threat to the world economy.

Bin Laden Hopes Iraqis Will Unite Against United States

Sunni insurgents must unite and fight as one, says al Qaeda's leader.

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