9-11 Chairman Criticizes FBI's Counterterrorism Efforts

Thomas H. Kean says the FBI must stop treating its intelligence analysts like second class citizens.

Senators Biden and Hatch Introduce Cyber-Crime Act

The bipartisan legislation will criminalize threats to damage a computer network.

International Anticounterfeiting Agreement Proposed

U.S. Trade Representative says counterfeiting is a threat to the world economy.

Bin Laden Hopes Iraqis Will Unite Against United States

Sunni insurgents must unite and fight as one, says al Qaeda's leader.

Government to Release National Intelligence Budget

One of the government's most closely guarded secrets will be outed at the end of the month.

Muslim Charity Trial Declared Mistrial

Government says it will retry the case.

ASIS Members Featured in The Washington Post

The Washington Post interviews members of ASIS International for a story on Las Vegas casino surveillance technologies.

Congress Looks Into Electrical Grid Security

Lawmakers fear the nation's electric infrastructure is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack.

FISA Primer

National Public Radio offers the nuts-and-bolts of the FISA debate.

Balancing Science and Security

America's scientific community is worried government fears of terrorism will stop the flow of information, researchers, and students necessary for America's continued scientific supremacy.

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