Foreign Airport Repair Shops Present Security Risks

Congress and security experts fear terrorists could stash explosives in plane parts and cavities.

Senate Agrees on Terms of Domestic Surveillance Legislation

Bill to include immunity for telecoms participating in warrantless wiretaps and a review of the law after six years.

DHS Criticized for Overuse of Contractors

GAO says overreliance on contractors to handle certain functions is unwise because it could allow contractors to inappropriately influence government decisions.

TSA Making Progress, but More Needs to be Done

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made "moderate progress" securing the nation's transportation network, says GAO.

Schneider Electric Acquires Pelco

The world's power and control specialist has acquired one of the world's leaders in video surveillance systems.

Congress Takes Another Look at Sanctuary Cities

The Senate has defeated a proposed bill amendment that would withhold funds from sanctuary cities.

Italy Leads Europe in Bank Robberies

Italy's bank robbers are the busiest in Europe, but they are not the most productive

The Jihadist's Cookbook

How much does al Qaeda really know about making biological and chemical weapons?

Bacterium May Have Killed 19,000 in 2005

Researchers say M.R.S.A., a virulent drug-resistant bacterium found in hospitals and nursing homes, could account for more deaths than HIV/AIDS.

White House Makes Case Against House FISA Bill

The White House has put out a fact sheet laying out point by point why it opposes the House bill on FISA restrictions.

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