Does the U.S. Need a Unified Security Budget?

Does the U.S. Need a Unified Security Budget? On Boston Globe's op-ed page yesterday, two security experts - Lawrence Korb from the Center for American Progress and former assistant secretary of defense and Miriam Pemberton of Foreign Policy in Focus - argued the United States needs a unified security budget.

White House Wants 3 New Categories for Detainees

Ever since enemy combatants in the "war on terrorism" were detained at Guantanamo prison, a debate has raged between those who believe Guantanamo prison and the legal limbo it represents is a necessary evil in this new age of spectacular terrorism and those who believe it is an erosion of our Constitution and the due process rights it affords.

Private Contractors from Iraq Suffering PTSD and Other Problems.

It's no secret the U.S. military in Iraq relies on a vast army of private contractors - about 126,000 - to help bolster U.S. troops occupying and stabilizing Iraq. But unlike soldiers returning from Iraq suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who can rely on government care, private contractors who return must face their demons alone, relying on the private healthcare system reports the New York Times.

DHS May Have Had Knowledge of Possible Terrorist Attacks

An ABC News report says U.S. officials learned of possible attacks on Glasgow and the Czech capital of Prague this summer, but failed to warn U.K. officials.

UK: Two More Arrested in London and Glasgow Terrorist Plots

Two more suspects have been arrested for the failed attacks on London's nightclub district on Friday night and Saturday's failed attack at Glasgow International Airport in Scotland, reports the BBC and the New York Times. This brings the total arrested to seven.

Sources: UK airport, car bomb suspects are same

Authorities suspect the two men who drove an explosives-laden car into Glasgow's airport on Saturday are related.

The Threat of Kidnapping in Nigeria

Can you guess what a white Westerner's nickname is to rebels in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria? "ATMs."

Australia: Community Policing to Fight Terrorism Down Under

Australia will begin to soften its approach to fighting terrorism by relying more on community policing, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

College Increases Security After Rape and Murder

Eastern Michigan University says it will increase it's security on campus after it was revealed the school tried to cover up the rape and murder of a female student last year, reports Michigan's Ann Arbor News.

Testing Robotic Help for Rescue Workers

In the not too distant future, instead of a dashing firefighter saving you from a blaze single-handedly, you may also have to thank the kin of C-3PO.

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