Morning Security Brief: Cybersecurity, Global Homeland Security Market, Money Laundering, and More

President Obama will address the issue of cybersecurity with his Chinese counterpart after fresh attacks. The U.S. Department of Justice has broken up a $6 billion money laundering scheme. A new report says that the global homeland security and emergency management market is anticipated to reach $544 billion by 2018. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for armed guard services for disaster facilities in the Oklahoma City area.

Morning Security Brief: Mother’s Day Shooting, Airport Security Agreement, and New Hacking Threat

A shooting during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans has wounded 19 people, a homeland security agreement with Abu Dhabi International Airport is drawing criticism, and Microsoft is warning of new malware that targets Facebook accounts.

Morning Security Brief: Airport Security Breach, North Korean Missiles, and More

An airline employee causes an airport security breach, North Korea readies missiles for launch, and new domain names could cause security vulnerabilities for companies.

Morning Security Brief: Knives on Planes Defended, Bioterror Attacks, and U.K. Surveillance Laws

Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, is defending the decision to allow small knives on planes. A new U.S. Department of Agriculture report says that the nation is at increased risk of bioterror attacks. Great Britain may expand its surveillance laws.

Morning Security Brief: New Law Arms Teachers, DHS Must Turn Over Documents, and School Searches E-mails

South Dakota becomes the first state to pass a law to arm school teachers, the government must release documents on the safety of airport scanners, and administrators at Harvard search the e-mail accounts of employees to uncover who leaked information to the press.

Canines Could Be Used More Effectively in Airports, Says GAO

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), canine teams are not being effectively used in airports to screen passengers for explosives.

Better Breach Tracking Needed

A new study on security breaches at U.S. airports reveals inconsistent reporting and a lack of clear guidelines.

TSA Officers Ordered to Undergo Training after Racial Profiling Accusations

TSA behavioral detection officers have been ordered to undergo training on racial profiling.

By the Numbers: TSA in 2012

TSA releases mid-year statistics. 375,432,402 people have traveled through security checkpoints in 2012.

Morning Security Brief: JFK Breach, Olympic Security, iOS Security, and More

A man walks right past JFK airport’s perimeter security and into a terminal without setting off any alarms. A military official says it will take two years for the British military to recover from deploying so many people so quickly for the Olympics. iPhone security unbreakable by law enforcement. And more.

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