Napolitano Outlines DHS' Southwest Border Security Initiative

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano today outlined her agency's three-part plan to secure the border against escalating drug violence in Mexico, calling for deployment of added federal enforcement personnel, robust intelligence, and better coordination with partners in state, local, and Mexican law enforcement.

New U.S.-Mexico Border Plan to be Revealed Today

The Obama administration will unveil a new plan this morning that will flood resources to the Mexican-American border to clamp down on border violence associated with Mexican drug cartels, reports

Lawmakers Worry About National Security Consequences of Human Trafficking

Law enforcement officials today tackled the national security implications of human trafficking and reviewed federal and local responses to the crisis that illegally brings about 17,500 people into the United States each year.

DHS Official Outlines Border Violence Contingency Plan

As American border states call for National Guardsmen to protect their borders with Mexico, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official outlined yesterday the still-evolving contingency plans if the trickle of violence from Mexico's drug war starts to gush over America's border.

American Gun Flow into Mexico Must be Stopped, Lawmakers and Officials Say

As Mexico’s narco-war continues to spiral out of control, lawmakers and homeland security officials yesterday discussed how to keep American guns from flowing south while acknowledging those weapons have made the Mexican government’s fight against the drug cartels more dangerous.

Napolitano Orders Review of Key DHS Efforts

Border security, cybersecurity, information sharing, and risk management are among the issues the new homeland security secretary has targeted during her first month on the job.

Mexican Drug Violence Has Crossed U.S. Border, State Officials Say

The violence associated with Mexican drug cartels is now spilling over onto the America side of the border in Arizona and Texas, state officials have admitted.

Unrest in Mexico Triggers Texas' Border Security Plan

Large protests and a deadly shootout between Mexican armed forces and drug cartel members just across the Mexican border last week activated Texas' border security plan, which anticipates the day violence spills over the border, reports South Texas's The Monitor.

Mexican Gun Battle Caught on Film

A firefight between Mexican soldiers and drug cartel members that broke out in the border town of Reynosa on Tuesday was caught on film by Mexican broadcaster Mexicanal.

Mexico Will Not Fail, Embassy Official Says

Despite American concerns to the contrary, Mexico will not become a failed state as the government battles drug trafficking organizations, said a Mexican embassy official today.

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