Government Encourages Companies to Prepare for Flu Season

The idea that workers should be encouraged to tough it out and come to work even if they don't feel well is so 20th century. In the new millennium, with its pandemic flu threat hanging in the air, the government hopes that workers who think they may be coming down with something will stay home so as not to infect their coworkers. And the government wants companies to encourage that attitude with flexible sick leave policies, among other efforts.

Experts Divided on Stockpiling Medicine as Flu Season Approaches

The New Scientist asked 60 experts whether they are taking personal precautions as the autumn flu season approaches.

FEMA Cannot Handle Emergency Housing Alone, FEMA Head Testifies

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency told lawmakers today that his agency cannot handle the demand for temporary housing after a catastrophic disaster.

DHS OG Berates FEMA Over Trailers

The Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General yesterday released a report that dressed down the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its response to contaminated trailers given by the agency to victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

U.K.: More to Fear from Swine Flu Than Terrorism

Home Secretary Alan Johnson told the BBC that the United Kingdom has more to fear from swine flu than terrorism, reports the Daily Mail.

Rat-like Robot to Aid Disaster Response

A British research team is developing a rat-like robot that may one day help first responders search and rescue victims of man-made and natural disasters, reports The New Scientist.

Drug-Resistant Swine Flu Arises and Then Dies in Danish Patient

A drug-resistant strain of swine flu appeared in a Danish patient and then apparently died out before the infection could spread.

Pandemic Expert Sets Record Straight on Swine Flu for CSO Roundtable

Speaking with ASIS International's CSO Roundtable this morning, a disaster epidemiologist discussed the swine flu scare while advising organizations how they can ready themselves if infections strike their employees.

Map: Swine Flu's Spread

Biomedical research Henry Niman's Google map showing swine flu's spread across the globe.

Pandemic Planning: From the Archives

In light of the current flu outbreak, and with the first death in the U.S. now reported, it's worth taking a look at this September 2008 article on pandemic planning by Mario Possamai from the archives of Security Management.

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