Swine Flu Shows Importance of Preparedness

Public health officials have generally approved of the Obama administration's response to the swine flu outbreak. Many cite the Bush administration's investment in pandemic planning as a key behind the quick response.

Europe Urges its Citizens to Forego Travel to Mexico and United States

The European Union has urged its citizens to forego all nonessential travel to Mexico and the United States as Europe's first infection of swine flu was confirmed in a hospitalized man in eastern Spain, reports The New York Times.


Public Health Emergency Declared

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency April 26, 2009, after finding confirmed cases of Swine Influenza A (swH1N1) in California, Texas, Kansas, and New York.

U.S. Hospitals Better Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Hospitals have stockpiled emergency supplies and medicines, have improved communication systems,conduct more frequent and higher quality disaster exercises, and better coordinate plans with communities. Those are among the findings of a new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

NWS Reports Reasons for Super Tuesday Tornado Death Toll

Misperceptions, a false sense of security, and nowhere safe to shelter helped create the deadliest tornado event since the mid-1980s, according to a report from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Secretary of Homeland Security Calls for Assessment of First Responder Health Surge Capability

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has issued an action directive to assess the current state of medical readiness, including local first responder capabilities, hospital bed capacity, and the ability to surge existing capacity in an emergency, as well as any gaps and current efforts to address them.

An Inauguration Like No Other

The Washington, DC, area's law enforcement is bracing for an expanded inauguration day like no other, reports The Washington Post. Because of the historic nature of the event, security officials have to prepare for a long weekend rather than just President-elect Barack Obama's parade and swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

Maps Show Areas Where People Most Prone to Death by Natural Disaster

New maps created by two academics may help emergency management policymakers and local emergency responders reduce fatalities from natural disasters or at least plan accordingly.

Washington, DC, Prepares for Inauguration Day

Federal and state officials tasked with protecting President-elect Barack Obama's Inauguration Day celebrations broadly outlined their security strategy today as the nation's capital prepares for an unprecedented mass gathering.

Houston First Responders to Go Interoperable

Houston should soon award a $107 million contract with Motorola to provide the city's first responders with an interoperable radio system for emergency response.

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