DHS Focuses on Long-Term Recovery After a Disaster

A new federal draft framework for disaster management focuses on the long-term recovery plans of the nation based on an all-hazards approach that doesn't overemphasize terrorism.

Maintenance of U.S. Tsunami Detection Buoys Difficult and Costly, GAO Reports

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is having a hard-time maintaining its network of expensive high-tech tsunami detection buoys, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released Wednesday.

FEMA Launches New Web Site for Wireless Devices

Topics on the simplified page include “How do I keep my family safe?” while disaster-specific links address topics such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.

Urban Area Perspective - Keeping Phoenix Ready

Security Management interviews Mike DeBenedetto, Phoenix's emergency management coordinator.

Last Chance to Comment on Disaster Framework

It's now or never. The comment period for the Draft National Disaster Recovery Framework closes Friday.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberdisaster Exercise, Software Security, Pandemic Tools, and More

Facebook page is protected speech, lessons from a mock cyberdisaster, the push to hold software companies accountable for flaws, the problem with PDFs, going digital with pandemic information tracking, and deadly bomb scanner hoax saga continues.

From the Archives: Putting Chicago-Area Quake in Perspective

A 3.8-magnitude earthquake that struck 40 miles northwest of Chicago today surprised many who don't associate quakes with the Midwest. But as Joseph Straw wrote in a March 2008 Security Management article, "earthquakes in the Midwest pose a greater danger than earthquakes in the West because of soil types and building code."

Crumbling Infrastructure a National Security Concern, Experts Say

Repairing and upgrading our national infrastructure is critical to the national security of the United States, experts said during a think tank event yesterday.

False Sense of Confidence Pervades IT Business Continuity Planning, Survey Finds

A new survey reports that IT decision makers in both the public and private sectors have a false sense of confidence when it comes to business continuity during a pandemic crisis.

DHS Wants First Responders to Speak in Plain English

The Department of Homeland Security continues to persuade local first responders to use plain English at all times when communicating rather than relying on the common code system in use across the United States, reports the Ventura County Star of California.

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