Microsoft Issues Critical Patch for PowerPoint

Microsoft released patches yesterday for its popular PowerPoint program for PCs due to a vulnerability that would allow a hacker to gain complete control of a system, although Apple users will have to wait a little longer for their patch.

Social Security Recipients Warned to Watch Out for Scams

Federal and state agencies are warning recipients of Social Security to watch out for scammers ready to trick retired and disabled people into giving up financial information or other sensitive personal information in return for their stimulus checks.

McAfee Launches Cybercrime Unit

McAfee has launched a new online center to help consumers and small businesses diagnose, remediate, and report cybercrimes.

US-CERT: Phishers Dangle Swine Flu as Bait

Phishers and spammers are exploiting worldwide fear of swine flu to sell pharmaceutical products and steal personal information from anxious e-mail users, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team reports.

U.S. Government Must Use Procurement Power to Get Cybersecurity "Baked In," Expert Says

During a congressinal hearing today exploring a national strategy for cybersecurity, a noted cybersecurity expert appealed for the federal government to use its procurement strength to force vendors to deliver safer IT systems.

Most Cybercriminals and Victims American

Cybercrime is again on the rise, and the United States boasts both the most cybercriminals and victims, according to a British paper.

Cybercriminals Set Their Sights on Smaller Businesses

Experts at Visa's annual security summit last week warned that cybercriminals are moving onto new and easier to exploit targets for their malicious software: small-to-medium-sized businesses, according to Dark Reading.

Cybercriminals Merging Physical and Virtual Worlds in Fake Parking Ticket Attack

A phishing scam involving fake parking tickets and a fake Web site uncovered in Grand Forks, North Dakota, could be the future of malicious activity on the Internet, says an IT security specialist.

Corporations are Biggest IT Security Threat to Customers, IBM Says

Corporations are unwittingly becoming the biggest IT security threat to their customers, according to IBM's X-Force Threat Analysis Service.

Coalition of Cybersecurity Organizations Reveals 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

Underscoring the importance of cybersecurity for the private and public sectors, a coalition of the world's leading cybersecurity organizations has jointly released a list of the 25 most dangerous programming errors that can lead to vulnerabilities easily exploited by cybercriminals and cyberspies.

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