Government Purchase Cards Abused, Says GAO

Congress's watchdog agency reports widespread improper and fraudulent use of government purchase cards.

State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Lacks Guidance and Accurate Reporting

The Government Accountability Office worries a lack of guidance and assessment when funding foreign counterterrorism programs, on top of incomplete and inaccurate reports, may hamper foreign country counterterrorism capabilities.

Budget and Staffing Cuts Hurt Federal Protective Service

A string of embarrassing security lapses and failures has shaken faith in the FPS's ability to police and protect federal property.

Report: Pentagon Mismanaged IED Funding

The government's top watchdog agency says the Pentagon isn't keeping proper track of the more than $1 billion spent each year to fight IEDs overseas.

GAO Criticizes IRS' Information Security Weaknesses

For the second time, the GAO says the IRS must implement an agencywide information security program to shore up information security weaknesses.

School Crime Did Not Rise in 2005

A student is 50 times more likely to be murdered away from school, says the Department of Justice.

White House Wants to Cut Homeland Security Programs

A leaked budget memo, obtained by the Associated Press, calls for deep cuts to local homeland security programs.

Cost of War on Terrorism Should Not Be Hidden

The GAO tells the Pentagon to stop using emergency requests to fund "the long war."

DHS Criticized for Overuse of Contractors

GAO says overreliance on contractors to handle certain functions is unwise because it could allow contractors to inappropriately influence government decisions.

Space-based Solar Power Could Aid Security

A report released this month by the National Security Space Office finds that using space-based solar power is an opportunity for strategic security.

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