Morning Security Brief: Emergency Alert System Fails, NSA Fishbowl, Employee Verification, and More

Emergency sirens fail to alert residents of deadly tornado. NSA talks smartphone security. Employee verification companies make a profit in India. And more.

Social Media and the Workplace

Courts are struggling to apply decades-old privacy and electronic security laws to employment issues arising in the digital arena. The newest challenges involve social media and what companies can do.

Morning Security Brief: E-Verify, Payroll Tax Cut, Tracking Cell Phone Location Data, and More

E-Verify Self Check goes nationwide. Applicants for unemployment may soon be subject to drug tests. Hacker's could easily track cell phone location data. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Shooting at the White House, Alarm Fatigue, and the 2012 Olympics

Police are searching for a man linked to a shooting at the White House on Friday. Alarm fatigue named a major hazard at hospitals. The U.S. plans to send 1,000 agents to the UK for the 2021 Olympics. And more.

Book Review - Police Chief: How to Attain and Succeed in this Critical Position

Can a book about obtaining the position of police chief and then successfully performing as one be of professional interest to security professionals? In this instance, the answer is a qualified yes.

Millennials Could Dictate the Future of Employment Screening

As the reins change hands from Generation X to Millennials over the next 20 years, the work force will be replaced by tech savvy security managers looking for fast, convenient, and portable solutions to employee background checks, says a background screening executive.

Morning Security Brief: Workplace Discrimination, Military Suicides, Privacy, and More

School board group urges Supreme Court not to hold employers liable for good faith firing where discrimination turns out to have existed. The National Guard grapples with suicides and seeks to increase mental resiliency of troops. Google sets up independent fund to promote privacy education as a part of a lawsuit settlement. And more.

EEOC Holds Hearing on Credit Checks and Employment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a hearing to explore the use of credit checks in preemployment screening programs. The EEOC is investigating the issue to determine whether credit checks are creating an obstacle to employment in a poor economy, especially for minority applicants.

Median Compensation Up 6 percent for Security Professionals in 2010

After dipping slightly in 2009, wages for security professionals are on the rise again, with median compensation for 2010 reaching $93,000, a 6 percent increase, according to the ASIS U.S. Security Salary Survey Results, 2010 . Respondents who had a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification earned a median $118,000 in 2010.

Inspector General Report Lists Crimes Committed by DHS Employees

Drug and illegal alien smuggling. Bribes. Kickbacks. Possession of child pornography. Attempted child sex abuse. These are just some of the crimes employees of the Department of Homeland Security were convicted of in fiscal year 2009, according to an internal report released today.

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