Morning Security Brief: Mother’s Day Shooting, Airport Security Agreement, and New Hacking Threat

A shooting during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans has wounded 19 people, a homeland security agreement with Abu Dhabi International Airport is drawing criticism, and Microsoft is warning of new malware that targets Facebook accounts.

DHS Official Discusses How Legal and Privacy Concerns Are Part of Cyber Protection Efforts

Protecting U.S. federal civilian government networks and the U.S. critical infrastructure against cyberthreats requires an aggressive and proactive approach, but privacy and legal concerns must be part of the equation, says the DHS official in charge of one program involved in the effort.

Morning Security Brief: Student Visa Scrutiny Worries Educators, Immigration Reform Efforts Progress, and More

As the government takes a closer look at student visas, some in academia worry that it may lead to an overreaction. Senators make progress on amendments to the immigration reform bill, and more.

FEMA Releases Three National Planning Frameworks to Meet National Preparedness Goal

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released three of five National Planning Frameworks today, each of which is designed to help the country be better prepared for any emergency.

Blue Ribbon Commission on Chemical Facility Security Proposed

In the wake of the April 17 explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Henry Waxman (D-CA) call for the formation of a blue ribbon commission on chemical facility security.

Morning Security Brief: More on Latest Boston Arrests, Plane Debris Suspected from 9/11 Removed, Marathon Security Enhanced

The three suspects taken into custody Wednesday in connection with Boston bombings are named. Police remove piece of landing gear from plane believed to be one of the two 9-11 hijacked flights that crashed into World Trade Center. And marathon runners and spectators face increased security this weekend at the Long Island Marathon.

Morning Security Brief: Counterfeit Crackdown, Twitter Security, DHS Report Card, and More

The government has seized 10 Internet domain names that were selling counterfeit trademarked cycling equipment and apparel. Twitter warns of the potential for more high-profile news outlet Twitter account hijackings. The GAO says DHS has implemented more than 60 percent of decade's worth of recommended improvements.

Hack of AP Twitter Account Falsely Said that the White House Had Been Attacked, Briefly Affected Stock Market

AP Twitter Account was hacked, and the false story of an attack on White House briefly affected stocks.

Second Boston Marathon Bomber Apprehended Alive

The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, who was being sought by police, has been apprehended alive, and is in custody.

Morning Security Brief: Marathon Bombing Suspect Identified as Chechens; One Killed By Police; Other Still Sought

The New York Times "Lede" blog reports that the Boston Marathon suspects, identified as Chechen brothers who had lived in the area about a year, led police on a chase earlier this morning during which police fatally shot one suspect; the other was reportedly still on the run as of 8 a.m.

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