Morning Security Brief: Drone Strikes, Racist Algorithms, and More

U.S. drone-strike policy revealed, Harvard Professor says search algorithms are programmed to be racist, and new study says 54 countries aided CIA just after 9-11 in logistics, renditions, and interrogation of suspected al-Qaida members.

Morning Security Brief: Active Shooter Video, Tax ID Theft Avoidance, Ankara Bombing, and More

DHS releases active shooter video. IRS posts tips to help taxpayers protect themselves from identity theft. U.S. embassy in Turkey attacked. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Brazilian Fire, WTC Site Security, Pentagon Cybersecurity, and More

More than 230 people killed in fire at nightclub with only one exit. The NYPD may not have jurisdiction over the new World Trade Center site, despite an agreement being negotiated with the Port Authority. And more.

Morning Security Brief: One of the Fukushima 50 Speaks, Gun Control Task Force, Border Security, and More

One of the Fukushima 50 gives an interview about how the events unfolded. The NRA is unhappy with Biden's gun control task force. Arrests on the Southwest Border are down. And more.

Federal Security Perspective: Interview with John Perren

Security Management interviews Assistant Director John Perron of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.

A Department Under Fire

The Department of Homeland Security has been criticized for poor management, but a new focus could get the agency back on track.

Lawmakers Request Briefing on Panga Boat Smuggling

Panga fishing boat smuggling is on the rise off the coast of California and recent events have spurred lawmakers to request a meeting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Details on Capture and Treatment of 9-11 Masterminds to Stay Secret

All information about the arrests of the five men suspected of organizing the 9-11 attacks will remain secret indefinitely, a military judge has ruled.

Federal Cybersecurity Perspective: Interview with Laura Mather, Ph.D.

An interview with Dr. Laura Mather, cofounder and chief visionary of Silver Tail Systems.

Left of the Boom

The goal of all those engaged in the fight against improvised explosives is to find ways to detect and prevent them, which they call getting “left of the boom.”

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