Travel Industry Praises 2009 Homeland Security Appropriations

The U.S. travel industry applauded the president's funding of DHS programs that will help make tourism to the U.S. less burdensome.

Small Airports Nationwide Implement New Security Training

A new, free training curriculum helps general aviation airports correct their security vulnerabilities.

Nuclear Scientist, GAO Question Effectiveness of Next Generation Radiation Detectors

DHS' next generation of radiation detectors are not cost-effective and may not provide greater detection capability than those already in use, say critics.

Congress Gets Report Card on Homeland-Security Information Sharing

The Department of Homeland Security's intelligence-sharing efforts were criticized by witnesses from state and local law enforcement positions.

Government Search and Seizure Powers Have Gradually Expanded Since 9-11

The Washington Post reports that border agents, according to internal policies, used to need probable cause to search, seize, detain, and copy materials carried by travelers.

DHS Working on Anxiety Detection Screener

A new generation of passenger screening technology in development by DHS will seek to measure travelers' anxiety levels.

DHS and Sesame Street Teach Kids About Disaster Preparedness

The Department of Homeland Security teams up with Sesame Workshop to bring disaster preparedness messages to young children.

"Seven Years Later, Is the U.S. Safer?" Chertoff Responds

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff says the U.S. is safer seven years after 9-11, but threats still loom large.

U.S. Government Gets Average Grade for Protecting Country Against WMD Attack

The bipartisan Partnership for a Secure America gives the U.S. government a "C" for its efforts to protect the country from terrorism involving WMDs. (Updated Version)

Security Officials Need to "Adapt" to a New Security Environment, ArgueTwo Academics

Two academics argue that security practitioners need to learn more from Darwin if they want to improve homeland and national security.

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