NIST Makes Major Upgrade to SAMATE Reference Dataset

Computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have enlarged a database designed to improve applications that help programmers find weaknesses in software.

Morning Security Brief: Harsh Report for TSA, Police DNA Collection, College Transcripts Hacked, and More

Republican lawmakers say TSA is pointless. St. Louis police to sue over DNA collection policy. F's are changed to A's after a university's computer system is hacked. And more.

Gartner: Security Services Market to Reach $49.1 billion in 2015

Spending on security services will reach $35.1 billion this year, up from $31.1 billion in 2010, according to projections from Gartner.

Healthcare Industry Still Struggling with Information Breaches

The healthcare industry experiences more data breaches than any other industry, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse data. Most breaches came after portable data devices went missing.

McAfee Warns of the Twelve Scams of Christmas

McAfee has released its "12 scams of Christmas" to forewarn and forearm consumers and businesses.

Morning Security Brief: Penn State Campus Unrest, Terrorism in Nigeria, TSA Training, and More

Penn State's Campus was the scene of unrest after a legendary coach and its president were fired. Terrorism in Nigeria is on the rise. The TSA is offering screeners an intelligence analysis class. DARPA is increasing its cyber research budget.

Hacker says ‘Don’t scan that QR code!’

Hackers could use QR codes to remotely access all of the data in a person’s phone and record their every move through pictures and audio and there’s no way to know once a device is infected.

Russian Spies Transmitted Messages Through Images

The group of Russian spies that was arrested last year after living undercover in the United States was using technology allegedly used by terrorist groups to pass covert information, according to FBI documents released on Monday.

Morning Security Brief: Intellistreets Debuts, Captcha Problems, Mine Disaster Security Chief Found Guilty, and More

Intellistreets debuts in Michigan. Stanford researchers say Captchas don't work. The former security chief at the site of the West Virginia mine disaster is convicted of impeding the investigation. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Drug Testing, The Real IRA, FBI Official Wants a New Internet, and More

Drug testing for welfare recipients ruled unconstitutional. The Real IRA says its starting a campaign against "economic targets." An FBI official calls for a new Internet. And more.

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