Manulife Outsources VM Scanning

A financial services company found a cloud-based service that could help scan its network for weaknesses.

The Lure of Spearphishing

Take a look at the numbers behind a typical spearphishing campaign.

Breach Insurance Gains Steam

Companies can mitigate losses from cyberattacks and other data breaches by purchasing cyber insurance, but they should evaluate policies carefully.

Bolstering Security Education

Many security managers say end-user education is a central part of IT security. More regulations are also requiring that organizations demonstrate that they’re conducting such training.

Advanced Persistent Threats A Main Concern After ‘Year of the Hack’

A cybersecurity survey shows companies are having difficulty adapting to the evolving threat landscape.

GAO Report Examines State Department Cybersecurity Risk Software

The State Department is at the forefront of federal efforts to develop continuous monitoring capabilities for computer networks.

A Stuxnet-Type Hack Could Disable Prison Security Systems

Exploiting a vulnerability in programmable logic controllers, hackers could wreak havoc on prison lights, doors, and video surveillance.

DoD Proposes Rules For Stricter Handling Of Unclassified Information

A new Department of Defense policy would add increased security to unclassified information used by government contractors.

Hardware Theft Leads the List of Reasons for Medical Information Breaches

Cybersecurity is a primary concern as corporate workplaces cozy up to mobile technology like smartphones and tablets, but physical theft of devices still remains the number one cause of security breaches of private health information, according to a Department of Health and Human Services database of health information breaches.

Malware Attacks Climb, Spam Levels Fall, says McAfee

The first quarter of 2011 was the most active quarter yet for malware, according to a new report from McAfee.

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