DoD Proposes Rules For Stricter Handling Of Unclassified Information

A new Department of Defense policy would add increased security to unclassified information used by government contractors.

Hardware Theft Leads the List of Reasons for Medical Information Breaches

Cybersecurity is a primary concern as corporate workplaces cozy up to mobile technology like smartphones and tablets, but physical theft of devices still remains the number one cause of security breaches of private health information, according to a Department of Health and Human Services database of health information breaches.

Malware Attacks Climb, Spam Levels Fall, says McAfee

The first quarter of 2011 was the most active quarter yet for malware, according to a new report from McAfee.

HHS Proposal Would Strengthen HIPAA Privacy Rule

A new proposed rule by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would give people the right to learn who may have accessed their electronically stored healthcare information.

Study Highlights Growing Mobile Risks

As workers increasingly use mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are facing increasing data loss and other risks, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University and McAfee.

Airlines Reduce Online Ticketing Fraud

Airlines are making progress in reducing losses from online ticketing fraud, according to a report from Cybersource, a payment processing and security subsidiary of Visa.

Senator Introduces Update to Key Electronic Privacy Law

Senator Patrick Leahy introduced legislation Tuesday that seeks to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Facebook Adds New Security Measures

Facebook announced several security enhancements last week including a new two-factor authentication system and a partnership with a service that can help users avoid clicking on risky or malicious links.

Americans Report Sharp Rise in Internet Security Concerns

Americans’ concern over Internet security has increased significantly in recent months, according to a biannual survey conducted by Unisys.

New NSA Report Details Home Computer Security Best Practices

Home computer networks can be particularly vulnerable to attack, according to a new National Security Agency (NSA) report, since security practices can be less rigorous.

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