Bank's Free Secure Browser Solution Defends Against Online Fraud

Utah-based Zions Bank provides a free browser security solution to customers to combat online banking fraud.

Morning Security Brief: Data Protection, Information Sharing, Terrorism Financing, and More.

The European Commission is revising its data protection rules, which could change how law enforcement can use personal data, among other things. White House sets in motion effort to make uniform the classification of controlled unclassified information among agencies to streamline information sharing, which could help with homeland security intelligence analysis. And more.

Google Crowd Sources Security

Google, the Internet's dominant search engine, has initiated an experimental new program to help it find the security vulnerabilities of its Web properties that display or manage highly sensitive authenticated user data. It is crowd sourcing the task, inviting anyone to find bugs or other vulnerabilities; those who do will be awarded prize money for their work.

Morning Security Brief: Airport Pat-downs, Wi-Fi Risks, Workplace Violence, DoD Intelligence Budget, and More

A CNN employee's encounter at an airport draws attention to security pat-downs. Risks of free wireless connections in public spaces--and what you can do about them. A new online resource offers companies guidance in developing policies to help employees dealing with domestic abuse and related issues. And more.

Get Smart: Simple Security Precautions to Secure Company Smartphones

Some simple security precautions and user policies can help companies protect the devices from malware and other threats.

Network Security's Achilles Heel: End-User Rights

One of the simplest—and perhaps most effective—ways to bolster end-user and network security could be to limit local computer administrative rights, according to studies.

Touch Screen Insecurity: Smudges Can Expose Your Password

Using cameras and lights, a team of University of Pennsylvania researchers can capture smudges on touch screen Android smartphones and determine passwords.

UAE to Research in Motion: BlackBerry Too Good at Protecting Data

The United Arab Emirates decided Sunday to suspend BlackBerry smartphones' data services—e-mail, instant messaging, and Web browsing—beginning in October because of security concerns.

White House's Trusted Identities Strategy Doesn't Inspire Trust

The White House's draft plan to create trusted identities in cyberspace has met with skepticism if not outright hostility in some electronic privacy quarters.

NSA's "Perfect Citizen" Program Seeks to Keep Us Safe from Cyberwar, WSJ Reports

The Wall Street Journal Thursday broke news of the federal government’s new plan to monitor cyberspace for attacks on critical infrastructure.

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