White Paper Urges Companies Devise a Social Media Strategy

A new white paper from ISACA, an association of IT and information systems professionals, recommends companies that use social media devise a strategy to ensure its secure use.

A Disturbing Look at the IT Security Industry

Security expert John Viega gives a good introduction to the sorry state of the information security industry, says Mayer Nudell, CSC.

No Nonsense Computer Security Tips

Join Host Editor Laura Spadanuta as she talks with the author of Scrappy Information Security, Michael Seese, who gives tips for end users and IT security managers in this podcast exclusive.

New Tool Takes Aim at Mobile Eavesdropping Threats

Laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices are increasingly coming equipped with webcams and other sensor devices, according to a new Microsoft study. But such sensors represent a ripe way for hackers to eavesdrop on device owners, the researchers warn.

From the May Issue: Why Data Collection Confuses Consumers

A recent panel of experts at a Federal Trade Commission-sponsored conference explained why consumers are in the dark on data collection.

Report: U.S. Breach Costs Dwarf Other Industrialized Countries

The cost of a data breach is highest in the United States, according to a Ponemon Institute study that looked at 133 breaches in five industrialized countries.

Managed Security Market Booming

Security outsourcing is now the fastest-growing segment of IT security budgets, according to a Forrester Research report.

Morning Security Brief: Information Security, Privacy Rights, and Security Budget Woes

Federal agencies continue to be cited for information security weaknesses, civil liberties advocates urge Supreme Court to recognize privacy right in case before them, and a local court forgoes security upgrade to cut budget--just a sign of the times.

Morning Security Brief: Splitting NSA, Shooting Pirates, Charging Prisoners, and Testing Einstein

A case for splitting the National Security Agency; Pirate attack thwarted with first fatal shooting by private security; a report questions use of prisoner user fees; and the government's cybersecurity system dubbed Einstein 3 to get tested.

Business Partnerships Pose Escalating Data Breach Threats

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, companies often overlook the risks stemming from business partnerships, says Verizon.
(From the March 2010 Issue)

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